My name is Sangeeta, and I belong from village Faizalipur Majra. It was due to the conditions and the lack of awareness that my dream of completing my education remained unfulfilled. But this did not stop me from learning. My spirit led me to join Varitra as a Shikshan Mittra. When I first started working, it was like a blessing in disguise for me because I got to step into a school after years. As a Shikshan Mittra, I got an opportunity to learn so many aspects of teaching and managing children. As we all know, every child has his/her own capacity to learn and our LEC provided that platform for each child to learn according to their comfort. Our objective was that every child should feel safe and connected through our LEC. We also involved the parents in this learning process. I got a chance to grow through my own learnings. Today, I lead a women SHG (self-help group) in my village. I believe that is crucial to continue our dialogues with the community on the importance of education because this alone can bring a mind-shift which will ultimately create a better opportunity for our children.