Founded in January 2018, Varitra Foundation envisions to enable change at the grass-root levels through collective effort.

A Sanskrit word, Varitra means ‘Umbrella’. In developmental terms, Varitra symbolises synergy, collaboration and canopy of idea. The idea of Varitra is inspired from the thought “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.

Our Vision

To empower people to participate towards building a just
society through collective efforts.

Our Mission

To create platforms and opportunities for individuals and communities to enhance their capacities towards leading collective, path-breaking and sustainable solutions.

Our Goals

To transform 100 villages in the next 10 years

To ensure holistic development of underprivileged children through creating quality learning spaces in government schools.
To evolve the capacities of rural youth through designing and providing leadership opportunities and mentorship.
To empower men and women to redefine gender roles in their communities and strive for their social and economic independence.

What We Work On?

To address and respond to the gaps faced by the under-served communities, we work across the following areas that together, we believe, can lead to educated, enabled and inclusive communities.

How we work is as important as what we work on. We aim to make an impact through working with the people rather than for the people. We act as a facilitator for youth changemakers, communities, development organisations and government to create an ecosystem where every stakeholder can contribute meaningfully. We especially work with schools and communities, right from identifying the problem to designing contextual solutions. We encourage communities to take up the ownership of our projects for long-term sustainability and meaningful impact.

Our values

A core part of any organization are its core values. Varitra’s values aim to tell our story, share our beliefs and guide our behaviours and actions – today and all our years to come. Varitra’s purpose has always been to pave way for empowered individuals and communities and we believe strongly in the spirit of working together.
Our Values Infographic Tree

Our Team

K L Mukesh
Venture Partner
Unitus Ventures
Gayathri Vasudevan
Co-Founder & CEO
Ulhas Vairagkar
Vanguard Business School
Dr. Ramji Lal
Educationist & Political Analyst
Amit Lahiri
Chief Sustainability Officer
Jindal Global University
Naghma Abidi
Lalchand Rajpoot
Head Coach
Zimbabwe National Cricket Team
Gafoor Sarang
Director - Operational Excellence, CSL Behring AG (Switzerland)
Core Team
Baljeet Yadav
Ayeshna Kalyan
Narendrayash Das
Lead Operations
Manisha Dhiman
Project Officer
Manisha Devi
Project Officer
Kanchi Shah
Project Officer

Varitra Fellows

Our Fellows Image
Our Fellows Image

Varitra believes that our youth today have immense potential and power to drive a positive change in the society. Till date, Varitra has successfully built a community of more than 50 youth members who have successfully led Varitra’s initiatives on the field as teaching volunteers, peer tutors, community mobilisers and youth ambassadors for social justice.

Varitra also supports active youth through providing learning and leadership opportunities on the field and provide career path guidance to enable their personal and professional growth.

Varitra Ambassadors

We are proud to be associated with talented young leaders and artists on a journey to build a shared space of diverse expertise and experience. We are grateful to each of them for their support in our mission to build this youth-led community to create a momentum of positive change for children and women in need. In India and around the world, Varitra is committed to bringing people together to end the lack of access to education and socio-economic empowerment faced by our under-served communities.

Meet Our Youth Ambassadors