My name is Varsha, and I come from a very small and backward village called Tatarpur. A couple of years back, I had almost given up all my hope to pursue higher education when my family inspired and insisted that I continue. I personally believe that it is parents who guide a child’s path even when there are countless difficulties in the way. I always had a keen interest in medical domain and wanted to further build my career in it. Alongwith it, I was also deeply passionate about education and believe that no child should, urban or rural should be deprived of it. It was due to my association with Varitra, that I could start to realize my passion of working on improving the plight of education in my village.Through our LEC program, I got the opportunity to be with children and co-create a space with my co-volunteer where learning was fun and friendly for the children. I enjoyed working with children. However, we felt that this journey of learning for children would be incomplete with the involvement of the parents. Though we had a difficult start, in due course, we started getting support from parents. We were able to speak on issues related to education and health with the children and actively pursued community outreach, which made me really happy. My own learning from this journey continued, which has further brought me a step closer towards achieving my dreams. Speaking of that small step, I recently completed my internship as an ANM worker in a neighboring village.