My name is Satnam and I live in Sanjaynagar village. My teachers have always been a source of inspiration for me and have guided me in carving my path of life. Through my interaction with teachers, I learnt that the process of teaching is always a two-way procedure. I joined Varitra Foundation as a Shikshan Mittra in 2018 and I got a chance to closely work with rural children. At Varitra, I worked in two government primary schools of village Premnagar and village Barsat.I believe that teachers play a fundamentally important role in our lives. For me it’s significant that teachers need to be deeply involved with children. And if children are not involved in the teaching-learning process, it can never be successful. My work initially felt challenging. But with due time, I learnt to connect well with children and my own way of teaching. I also inculcated leadership skills within myself. Through our work, we also involved the parents in this process, because we felt that without them, the chain of learning remains incomplete for a child.

Satnam (Sanjaynagar)