I am Usha and I live in Sadarpur village. I love reading, working on social issues and awareness drives me. While I was studying, I along-with my other friends, began a campaign on raising awareness on AIDS in my village. For this, we had set up a camp to spread information and awareness on AIDS and conducted street plays to further amplify our campaign. We were actively involved community groups in villages. This experience led me to believe in the power of collective efforts. I continued to participate in various programmes and worked towards community collective. My learning continued even after marriage. Since the last few years, I have been actively involved with the self-help group (SHG) and began leading the women SHG members in my village. When Varitra Foundation came to our village to work towards improving education, I felt inspired by their cause. Varitra explained how it acted as a platform to bring together people and ensure quality education of children and social change through everyone’s participation. I was fortunate enough to become a part of this movement. I worked with children and learnt how to teach creatively through activities. It was a new experience for me. But once again, I was working in an organization where with collective efforts were given priority and so nothing seemed challenging for long. It is true that. change cannot be brought by one individual alone, there are many people who contribute to this change. Our team members worked together to spread awareness on the importance of education in our village. Through our meetings and trainings, I was exposed to self-awareness and leadership- development and I could truly see a shift in myself.

Usha (Sadarpur)