I am Hina and I live in a small village called Sadarpur. Due to lack of basic facilities in my area due to which many children find it difficult to continue their education. However, with my family’s support, I was fortunate enough to have access to education. My religious identity however has been a struggle in my path. I sometimes had to face bias in school and village where people would often draw prejudices from my religious identity. But throughout this, my family has remained my pillar of support. I am also the first girl from my community to enrol into college and continue my higher education. I always dreamt of being empowered and do something for the other girls in my community. My passion led me into becoming a part of Varitra’s field team.Here, I got the opportunity to not just teach in my village but also to learn new things for myself. Earlier, I would refrain from venturing out of village by myself or interact with people but my time at Varitra has helped me understand myself and work on improving my skill-set & confidence. Slowly, I learnt put voice my opinions in front of my community members and participate actively. I see positive changes in myself. Recently, I have been employed with Arpana Trust of Karnal. Today, I can confidently step out of my village and pursue my job. My small feat of volunteering has also inspired several others girls in my village. I believe that every girl should be able to achieve her dreams and this is something which drives me to work ahead every day.

Hina (Sadarpur)