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While the raging pandemic has been progressing- the state of the world, especially India has been degrading and worsening day by day. This is a particularly critical issue for adolescents- those in the developing ages of their lives. For them, it’s extremely important to gain a proper holistic experience to fully mature into well-developed and capable individuals- mentally and physically.

However, during these unprecedented times, individuals, especially children being affected by Covid directly and indirectly tend to have huge after-effects during complete recovery, some of which are discussed below followed by certain mechanisms to cope with them:

1. Anxiety

Post covid adolescents are going through extreme anxiety issues, such as impulsive and compulsive behavior. This kind of behavior has been stated to last for a couple of months as a post-effect of covid and is assumed to settle down automatically after a few months.

However, the struggle during those months can be hard

(A) Commonly Reported Symptoms-:

  • Obsessive worrying/overthinking.
  • Extreme increase in fears (such as stepping off the house, fear of obtaining various diseases, etc.)
  • Worsening of physical symptoms such as urine incontinence, delayed recovery, etc.
  • Lagging and dragging daily tasks with the energy left (post covid) due to extreme pressure and overthinking.
  • Not being able to focus on work due to engagement in irrational tensing thoughts.

(B) Coping Mechanisms-:
Identifying personal anxiety triggers and developing activities to resort to in order to cancel out active symptoms
Inculcating certain daily habits (scientifically proven to release tension), such as listening to affirmative podcasts, conducting art integrated activities, exercising.
Formulating a daily schedule and doing the best one can to follow it has also been proven to be an aiding facet in diverting one’s energy to productive tasks instead of obsessive worrying and tensing thoughts

it is extremely important to manage one’s anxiety symptoms as soon as possible so that the active anxiety months can be dealt with.

2. Stress
Post covid, especially for children who are students in various institutions and schools, keeping up with work is an extreme stressor causing great distress, in turn hampering their mental recovery phase. The symptoms occur as an enhanced version of their preexisting versions born as a post effect of covid.

(A) Commonly reported symptoms-:
Usually presents itself as extreme mental distress, hindering a child’s ability to perform expected tasks
can also take the form of physical symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, brain fog

(B) Coping mechanisms-:
Incorporating stress-busting activities- color-involved activities, reading, socializing.
Incorporating activities that increase brain activity to eradicate brain fog- board games like Ludo, Monopoly, Chess, and physical exercises such as running, walking, dancing, all of which have been proven to scientifically improve brain response and sharpness.

3. Physical weakness
Post covid, one of the biggest challenges for any individual is weakness and physical incompetence. Being physically incapable of performing every basic activity essential on a daily basis makes it extremely difficult to even mentally come out of the illness zone.

(A) Commonly reported symptoms-:

Physical fatigue and inability to perform daily tasks
Weakness in body parts, excessive headaches, lightheadedness

(B) Coping mechanisms-:
Undertaking stamina building exercises- cardio, gentle jogs, yoga, at home workouts
Specifically, in yoga, Surya Namaskar is one exercise popularly performed throughout the world for the purpose of stamina and strength building.
Meditation has also been a commonly conducted activity to bring calmness, strength, and resilience to the mind and body.

Along with exercise, in cases of a higher stature of availability, one should also ensure a properly balanced and nutritious diet for absolute wellness.

4. Social stagnation
Post covid, affected and non-affected alike, social solitude is an extremely dangerous feeling to experience, especially for someone in the developing ages of their life. Due to covid, social stagnation can be easily born due to lack of physical communication and everyone going through harsh times in their own lives.

(A) Commonly reported symptoms-:
The feeling of loneliness results in depressive thoughts
Lack of interest in communicating with socializing agents (friends, family)

(B) Coping mechanisms-:
Pushing yourself to keep up with people around you and checking up on them constantly
Organizing certain small events such as Ludo nights with family and online session meetings with friends on various interesting topics can lighten up the process and make it more incessant

Links and Websites on Mental Health Concerns:

Vandrevala Foundation- Cyrus & Priya Vandrevala Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to provide significant funding and aid contributions for those suffering from mental health problems and illnesses in India. A national mental health Initiative in India, with an anti-stigma campaign to dispel negative beliefs about mental illnesses. ‍ A 24-7 Mental Health helpline to aid patients, their relatives and others struggling with mental health problems.
Helpline: 9999 666 555 | WhatsApp: +1(256)6662142

COOJ mental health foundation (COOJ)- COOJ Mental Health Foundation (COOJ) works towards promoting mental health in Goa under four major needs: Psycho-social rehabilitation, Suicide Prevention, Elder Care and Community Mental health.
Helpline: +91-8322252525

Parivarthan- Parivarthan Counselling, Training and Research Centre is a registered, non-profit society that provides multimodal services in the field of mental health
Helpline: +91-7676602602

Connecting Trust- Connecting NGO is an non-advisory, confidential and anonymous space for those feeling low, distressed and/or suicidal.
Helpline: +91-9922001122, +91-9922004305

Roshni Trust- Roshni trust is a voluntary organization that values human life. Roshni helpline comes under its umbrella. Roshni helpline provides free and confidential service by providing emotional support to the depressed
Helpline: 040-66202000, 040-66202001

I CALL- ICALL is a psychosocial helpline for individuals in emotional and psychological distress. They provide professional and free counseling through technology assisted mediums such as telephone, email and chat to anyone in need of emotional support, irrespective of age, gender, sexual orientation or race
Helpline: 022-25521111, +91-9152987821

Mitram Foundation- Mitram Foundation is a suicide prevention helpline that aims to offer emotional support to those going through a crisis in their lives, especially the distressed and depressed

Helpline: 080-25722573

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