Our Journey This Year

Our Journey This Year

(Narendrayash Das| Chief Operations Officer)

Varitra’s journey this year has been full of optimism and hope as the covid second wave eases further across the country including our working geography and vaccine coverage improves further. Our associated schools have resumed for all the classes. While school reopening bears positive tones, the covid appropriate behaviour in schools’ means limited school hours and staggered classroom management, and loss of learning for our children.
An important step to address the immediate challenges of long school closure has been to unlearn and re-strategize. In the initial months, team Varitra recalibrated its school engagement looking at the limited school hours.

We have re-commenced our remedial learning classes to address learning gaps anchored by the core team at Varitra. While our community libraries continue to create an engaging space to promote learning interest in young readers,

Our learnings and ground experience have also been put together in developing Varitra Resource Centre (VRC). VRC will be an innovation pad for teaching-learning practices and resources for the Government, while also empowering school teachers through capacity building and networking space.

One of our primary focal points this year has been on student outreach and regularity within our community libraries and remedial learning center. Through our pro-active approach, Varitra has been continuously engaging with village communities through efforts like Parent’s meetings, door-to-door outreach, and village meeting.

Our E-Learning efforts continue to be a significant dissemination point of easy, fun, and accessible learning for children, teachers, and educators beyond our working geography. Utilizing the power of social media like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook our E-पाठन platform today garners a wide audience and is well accepted.

As reports of new emerging variant surface, team Varitra is well poised to implement its learnings from this year and focus on the foundational aspects of learning for our children. The unpredictable challenges in addressing the pandemic have helped us evolve and mature as individuals and as a team towards a brighter future for our communities.

We are excited to share our annual newsletter with you which features our journey and collective learnings from the grassroots.

As always your constant support and encouragement is what help us sail in these tough times!!

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