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Duplicate any effort – A variety of meaningful resources have been developed by several organizations, academicians and government.  We strongly believe in utilization of these resources in a proper manner instead of duplicating.

Create dependency – We strongly believe tdebate essay outline www.orderbrides.orghat a community should not feel dependent on an external agency for any kind of developmental initiatives and should be self-empowered enough to take on the development of their community in the long run.

Hesitate to learn from the experience of other organizations – We do not hesitate to make the first move and collaborate with other like-minded organizations to work, seek guidance or learn from their experience.

Create general models and apply to all the communities – We feel that the need of each community or institution whether schools, SHGs or health centres is different and one standard model or formula cannot be applied to all.


Recognize the committed individuals/organizations – We strongly believe that there are individuals and organizations that have carried out exemplary work and we must recognize their efforts. Varitra believes in positively leveraging this hard-work towards optimising the reach to the last person in need.

Replicate the best practices – We try our best to replicate the best practices adopted by individuals, organizations and government and we do not waste our time in reinventing the wheel. We acknowledge these practices and try to replicate the same into our work.

Supplementary to government programs – We design our programs as supplementary to the government programs to maximize the outcomes of the government programs. We emphasize on increasing the impact of government programs on ground to ensure sustainability.

Community-owned programs – We strongly believe that a community needs to take the ownership of its social development programs for the larger sustainability. We empower the communities and help them to recognize their strengths and design programs based on their strengths.

Act as a catalyst – We act as the catalyst between community and external agencies in bringing the relevant technical expertise from external agencies and implementing it in the best capacity in the community.

Create need specific models – We are experts in creating need-specific programs in the community and institutions like schools or SHGs. Keeping in mind that the need of each community varies, we design specific programs bearing in mind the strengths and weaknesses of a community.

Our Model

Varitra aims to create an impact through working with the people and not for the people. We work with the communities right from identifying the problem to designing the solution for which we empower the community to take up the ownership of these initiatives.

Varitra further focuses on partnerships with the government, local institutions, developmental organizations and corporates. Varitra acts as a bridge for these stakeholders to join hands and come together to solve the issues of the community in a more coherence and collective manner.

We aspire to empower people to become the primary change-makers enabling them to transform and actively contribute to their nation’s development through innovative, path-breaking yet measurable solutions. To achieve this purpose, we work on a three-dimensional model:

Who we work with

Community– Empower the community to identify and understand the social challenges in their community and enable them to become the primary influencers of change.

Community-based Organisations – Form community-based organizations to design grass root-level solutions to address social challenges.

Organizations – Give a formal structure to CBOs by getting them registered and provide capacity-building or technical support.

Technical Experts – Link CBOs to expert organizations working in the specific domains for knowledge-sharing and skill-building to the CBOs.

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