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Strengthening Quality Education Access to Rural Children of Haryana

As a pilot initiative, Varitra led a campaign to initiate community-empowered government schools in Karnal district (Haryana) by engaging the school teachers, village panchayats and community to take the ownership of the school and plan a transformation plan. The project aims to transform the government schools in rural areas into positive, child-friendly and quality learning spaces in close association with the community, government and NGOs.

Varitra asks “If 2-3 individuals can run a private school, why not bring an entire village together to pave the way for government schools to function effectively?”

The idea is to improve the learning levels of the students through activity-based learning, better enrollment, zero drop-out and community participation. Varitra also works on strengthening facilities like library, sports and introduction to healthy WASH practices at school and home.

To build a community-anchored, sustainable and collaborative education system deeply committed towards enhancing quality learning in government schools.

Objectives of the project are:

  • To create the quality learning space in school for the holistic development of children and adolescents.
  • To build partnerships with NGOs and CSR sponsors to fill in the gaps by providing technical support to government schools.
  • To build capacities of the people to take up ownership of the government school(s) in their community.

Varitra’s theory of change

In any target area, one cannot hope to make tangible change by just impacting one or few components from the wide spectrum of development indicators. All the components of the development indicators have to be impacted to drive a visible change. For example, providing good sanitation infrastructure may not be enough for improving health & hygiene of the children; we need to also work on behavioural change of children. Improper sanitation facilities often result in low attendance which further results in low learning levels of children.

Strengthening Government School through Partnerships

Our Education Partners

Core Partners

All India Institute of Local Self-Governance (AIILSG)
Varitra Foundation has partnered with All India Institute of Local Self Government (AIILSG) to start Learning Enhancement Centres(LECs) in communities. LEC is a creative learning space designed for the holistic development of children. Two Varitra change-makers work in LEC to conduct educational activities to make learning more fun. LEC is run in partnership with school and activities at LEC are synced to the school curriculum.

Developmental Association for Human Advancement (DEHAT) is providing its Building as Learning Aid (Bala painting) expertise to make schools more attractive to parents and children. Dehat is also providing guidance on community mobilization, bal panchayat formation, liasoning with government, etc.

Bodh ShikshaSamiti
Bodh ShikshaSamiti provides training to Varitra team along with its robust Teaching Learning Material tools. These tools are very supportive in delivering quality education to children. Kshamtalaya being a young organization has been a guiding force for Varitra, Kshamtalaya’s experience has made us proactive towards the challenges faced by new organisations.

The Toy Bank
Varitra has partnered with Toy Bank to provide a variety of dynamic learning toys for school children. Toy libraries will be set up within the libraries of the target schools to make learning more interesting and easy for children.

Kshamtalaya is a mentor organization toVaritra Foundation. Kshamtalaya is providing guidance to Varitra on organization management, project implementation, documentation, at the organizational level and is providing constant support for replicating its mindfulness, learning revolution in Varitra’s intervention areas.

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