Project “SEARCH”

Goal: To build a community-anchored, sustainable and collaborative education system deeply committed towards enhancing quality learning in government schools.

Varitra creates Collaborative Platform for Development Organizations, Government Departments, Local Panchayat, Community Members and Corporates. Varitra has designed a three dimensional approach to improve the education status in rural government schools:

Systematic change at policy level:

Varitra acts as a facilitator for various govt.   departments to better implementation of   schemes. Varitra coordinates with Education   department, Women & Child and MNREGA   department for better implementation of   government  policies on ground. 





Intervention at school level:

Varitra has collaborated with 7 NGOs to create quality education spaces into schools. Varitra is working on creating student-led child centric environment into school. Varitra is running post school remedial classes into schools. Library, environment, child parliament, teachers’ capacity building are some of the activities undertaken by Varitra in school.


Empowering the Community

Varitra is very keen on strengthening community’s involvement in the project for long term sustainability. Women SHG members, SMC members, panchayat members and parents are involved right from starting of the project and are involved to mobilize resources for school. Focus of project is to transform complete ownership of project to villagers by end of the year three.

“जब एक व्यक्ति प्राइवेट स्कूल चला सकता है तो पूरा गावं मिलकर सरकारी स्कूल क्यों नहीं?”

Varitra’s theory of change

In any target area, one cannot hope to make tangible change by just impacting one or few components from the wide spectrum of development indicators. All the components of the development indicators have to be impacted to drive a visible change. For example, providing good sanitation infrastructure may not be enough for improving health & hygiene of the children; we need to also work on behavioural change of children. Improper sanitation facilities often result in low attendance which further results in low learning levels of children.

Our Journey


Strengthening Government School through Partnerships


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